Sunday, May 13, 2007
Bonne Journée, les Mères!
I don't know if they celebrate Mother's Day in France - we saw lots of women with flowers this morning, but that may just be because it's Sunday and because they're French and because it's a beautiful, perfect day today.

But regardless. I was fortunate enough to take my mother to lunch in Trocadéro this morning, facing la tour Eiffel. Such a wonderful way to celebrate, I highly recommend it.

The trip has gone wonderfully so far - photos and commentary here - despite the inevitable and expected near-lateness from my mother, random quiet-but-apparently-looks-upset-ness from me, spasticity from my sisters - but no scars, no traumas. There's not been a single thing yet where I've thought, "Well, I would have done that differently."

I miss my husband. I miss my kids.

...but not enough to go home early.