Wednesday, May 09, 2007
Vive la France!
Oh, yeah.

I'm excited.

Like, wiggling in my seat and randomly giggling. It's time to go to France!

I've got the accessories and fun stuff packed, and have not yet packed my clothes. I don't own enough clothing to be able to pack for a 10-day trip away (7 in Paris, 3 for travel) and still be able to wear things to work. And they really, really prefer it when I do not show up to work naked. Distracts the clients, and all.

So, that's on the schedule for tonight. Then, tomorrow, I get up, go to staff meeting (and for once, I'll be smiling through it) and then it's off to my mother's for the night. We fly out Friday evening.

The most common response, when I tell someone I'm going to Paris, is, "Oh, how fun! I'm jealous!" And my reply? "Yes, I would be too, if it was someone else going!" Somehow I think people feel badly about feeling jealous, but seriously, people - this is a cool freakin' trip and I'm well aware of how lucky I am and I just hope that the rest of you are all able to go wherever it is your heart yearns for, very soon.

The theory is that the apartment we're renting for the week has wireless internet access, so I should be able to log on from there. I've started a mother-in-law-safe blog just for the occasion - so that I have one place to post photos and stories from the trip, rather than clogging up people's email or trying to remember who is allowed to see which blog. (I have this one, not safe for my coworkers or in-laws; and I have a family photos blog, which has my last name in the address so I don't advertise it to the general public here. Too complicated to post everything twice, or to remember who I can send which link to. I would not do well in a life of crime.)

Anyway, so, that blog is at

I've also, in honor of the trip and just because I can, changed the name of the blog. I'm guessing that even without the help of a snazzy online translator you'll figure it out. I plan on completely changing the template and colors... later on. After my trip.

Man, I tell you what, if I was into emoticons, there would be little bouncy guys and smilies all over the place.