Wednesday, May 23, 2007
One More Thing
Indeed, it is a new blog title. And some half-assed changing, mostly because I really like that gargoyle picture and because I wanted to deal with some detail stuff, but I lack the energy and determination to really change the whole site around. Maybe someday.

But, right now, I'm living the philosophy of the title. One More Thing. Some time ago, Willem and I started saying this to each other, because it seems like we don't accumulate crises in a big avalanche all at once; instead, they gather in a string, so it's never too much to handle but it's always one more thing. And usually that one new thing is something so preposterous and outrageous that we just could not have predicted it. Seven hundred monkeys on seven hundred keyboards for seven hundred years would create the complete works of Shakespeare, but I'd still be randomly guessing and being wrong about what the next event would be.

Today's excitement arrived before I'd even crawled out of bed this morning; I was snuggling with the kids and generally being sleepy and happy (two out of seven dwarves ain't bad) when Willem said my name in his we-have-water-problems voice. Which, yes, he does indeed have a special tone of voice reserved specifically for events such as a pipe bursting in our home office, a waterfall in the garage, a flood at the back door... ask me how I know.

This time, it was apparently the water heater - on the floor in the hallway outside of the water heater closet there were, conservatively, 4,000 gallons of water. It's a good thing we sleep with the doors closed and locked, because we'd have had a synschronized swimming team in there this morning. And ducks. I'm guessing that the bottom just dropped out of the water heater, and you can safely imagine just how happy this makes me.

The good news is, somehow I was still able to take a hot shower this morning. I don't understand how that works, but ignorance is cleanliness.

The bad news is, who knows whether our homeowners insurance covers this? And we were planning on pulling up the carpets and laying down laminate, but we weren't planning on doing it today. And Willem has wet socks. There's just nothing worse than wet socks.