Saturday, June 30, 2007
Date Night
We spent all day in a frenzied orgy of spring cleaning, and now our breezeway, play room and crafts closet look like humans live here, instead of a bunch of flea-infested wombats hopped up on speed. Who don't put anything away.

Then in the evening, my dad decided he wanted to take the kids out to McDonald's for some unhealthy food and germ-intensive play place action. So Willem and I quickly got dressed and out of the house before he could change his mind, and had dinner at a nice, non-child-friendly place and then wandered around downtown Portsmouth, soaking in the upscale wicked cool blasé yuppie atmosphere and listening to live blues on the street and eating our weight in ice cream, and generally were about as adult and datelike as we could possibly be.

It's good to know that I still enjoy his company. Handy, in a marriage.