Monday, June 25, 2007
Triumphant... or Stubborn? decide.

We're home. The vacation was fabulous and horrible, sometimes at the same exact moment. I'll write up a synopsis - new! with pictures! - soon. Tonight, I hope. Because it is a trip worthy of remembering, and with my brain in its current Jell-O-like state (Idaho, perhaps?), it's imperative that I apply words to the experience immediately, before it all evaporates and vanishes.

I'm still dealing with this erythema nodosum stuff (yes, thank you, Firefox, I realize that you don't recognize the spelling of those words. No one does. I wish I didn't, because it is such an annoying and useless condition). It's not especially painful - just bruiselike - or intense, just tiring. As in, I can go from wide awake to ungracefully asleep in the space of about 5 seconds. I was, quite literally, too tired to knit during most of my 30-plus hours in the passenger's seat this weekend.

So, I'm here and home, and there's more to come. Honest. Soon.