Monday, June 18, 2007
A Bad Day to Be a Child
I just watched several consecutive stories on CNN.

A 4-year-old died in Texas due to flash floods.

A 15-year-old died in Tennessee trying to watch drag-racing. (Which is a sport with a wildly misleading name. I expected far more sequins.)

A couple had sextuplets, and so far three have died.

There are such things as pedophile rings, and if it took 10 months and 35 agencies to find and deal with this one, how many smaller, work-from-home operations are still running?

Five children died in the same fire in Pennsylvania.

A 5-year-old girl survived a boating accident while her grandfather died.

Another 4-year-old boy is going to live his life without his mother.

A pregnant woman is missing in Ohio, leaving her 2-year-old home alone.

Life is dangerous stuff. I'm going to go gather up my babies and keep them in a bubble, if you don't mind.