Wednesday, June 06, 2007
Something is bothering me.

Itching my brain. Pestering. Niggling.

Like I've forgotten to do something, but I can't think what.

I'm sitting on my couch at 12:17 a.m., wandering through my consciousness. It started off as a systematic process, and now I'm just throwing stuff everywhere in the hopes that one of these neurons will move out of the way and reveal Whatever It Is.

I've already remembered several things that I thought I'd forgotten - like, we're supposed to send in cut-up fresh fruit to Emily's school tomorrow so they can make a fruit salad. I have some shopping to do, pronto, post-haste, yesterday, for a group gift, that I keep forgetting until it's the completely wrong time to do it. (Such as, midnight.) We're painfully late on Emily's thank-you notes for her birthday. I have to send my uncle an email about picking up this antique dressing table before he moves. I have to figure out where we'll put it once it arrives at my already-cluttered house.

I keep hoping that one of these light bulbs will be the one to squelch the nagging sense that I'm going to wake up in all-too-few hours and immediately smack myself in the forehead because of The Big Important Thing.

So far, no luck.

Let me know if you think of it, okay? I need to try to get some sleep.