Friday, June 01, 2007
My freezer isn't working.

But only when I'm approaching the house or actually inside.

I called Willem on my way home with the kids, and he said he was having "some sort of emergency... not a major one... but still." Of course he was. It's already been that kind of month.

I arrived home to find our crammed-full stand-alone freezer slowly rising in temperature. This was enough to push me over the line from moderately stressed - busy afternoon at work, ongoing weirdness with Emily which is either just normal 7-year-old bossiness or the sign of a serious personality disorder, toilet-training issues with Jacob - to unable to cope. I just stood there with an idiotic look on my face, replicated all of the things Willem had already tried, and then realized that I really needed to head back out because I'd gotten another hospital call.

The moment I stepped outside, the freezer started working again.

Shortly, I'm going to leave the hospital. Anyone want to place bets on how close I have to be to the house before the freezer dies again?