Sunday, November 20, 2005
I just can't like Walmart.
I try, but I just don't like it. Argh. I know, it's contributing to the downfall of Western society, and I'm okay with that. More to the point, it would keep right on contributing whether I was okay or not, so I might as well not gt pent up about it. I also know that it sells cheap plastic crap, and have given myself permission to occasionally buy cheap plastic crap. But I don't have to like it.

I took the kids to Walmart this evening to drop off film. Feeling virtuous, or at least penny-saving, the whole way there, because it's a 10-minute drive versus 2 minutes to Walgreens, but it's several dollars a roll cheaper for film developing.

Bear in mind that this is after I took a nap today, and I don't do well with naps. I'm still hungover from it, 7 hours later. Just headachy and disoriented and groggy and cranky... isn't that like 4 of the Seven Dwarves right there?

So we get into Walmart and wander back to the photo center, which takes me a while because it's in the middle of the store instead of the back, and I realized I hadn't been there once since we moved here 4 months ago. There were 13 people in various lines there - but 10 of them were for the digital processing booth things, so I felt okay about being 2nd in line for the actual counter. HAH. 14 - yes, I counted - minutes later, I finally made it to the counter, just to drop off the film. This was at 4:30. "We're running a little behind, so this won't be ready until 6:00." Okay, no problem.

So we ran some errands and came back to wander and shop, and at 6:30 I finally went back. Stood in line for another 11 minutes, wondering (a) is slow movement a required job skill here? and (b) WHY do you need to ring up an $1100 purchase at this particular register? and (c) why is that other guy back there playing with the envelopes instead of running the other register? The world may never know.

Turns out, they hadn't gotten to my pictures yet. "We're a little backed up." Yeah, I know, but that's why they added an extra half hour to the time in the first place. If I'd known it would be longer, I'd have gone home a long time ago. So I talked them into offering me the film for half price, tomorrow, and went to the front of the store to check out.

There was no one in line in front of me. But one of my items was missing a UPC label, so I stood there for ANOTHER 20 minutes until they finally said, "Look, we can't find another one. Is $3 okay?" Sheesh.

So I'm home and still cranky. Yippee!