Saturday, October 22, 2005
Think I'll keep him.
About 15 minutes after I laid Jacob down, I hear him fussing and then full-on crying, so I went in to give him a snuggle (with a sinking, oh-but-we-were-doing-so-well feeling) and then put him back down. He immediately stood up and started to cry again, but he was also pushing at me. So instead of picking him up, I sat in his rocking chair and asked, "Do you want to snuggle me?" He shook his head no. "Do you want Daddy?" No. "Do you want Kitty?" No. He starts to point at his mouth and then jam his fingers in as far as they will go. "Oh, your teeth hurt. Do you want medicine for them?" "Yeah, yeah, yeah! Mama, yeah!"

So I had Willem bring us some Tylenol, and Jacob sucked it down like it was going to self-destruct in 3 seconds. He stayed standing after Willem left, so I said, "What do you need, baby?" And he said, "Mama." So he got snuggles for a while. Sweet boy.