Sunday, November 06, 2005
Oh, right, I have a life.
Ugh, so I finally finished my internship applications. I had to go through this same process last year, before I decided to take a year off -- completing a 32-page application for each of the 15 or 16 sites I wanted to try to get an internship at, which included lots of overlap but some stuff unique to each site, plus a CV and recommendation letters and transcripts and some extra stuff... it's all a tad excessive. But they're all done and in the mail, and now the waiting game begins. In a month from now, I should find out if I got interviews at any of the places (I expect maybe half of them)... then a month later I will actually HAVE the interviews... then a month later I will find out *whether* I got a placement, and a few days after that I will finally find out where. So it's a big game of hurry-up-and-wait.


Anyway, for better or worse, it's done, and I've officially embarked on the process of working out of the house starting next summer. I've got whole piles of ambivalence about that, but plenty of time to procrastinate actually dealing with that.

And now I get to resurface, much like a deep-sea diver, sputter a bit, and look around at my surroundings. And go, "Oh, dear, what is this place?!?" So I have a few projects around the house I need to deal with... like, say, putting away the clean clothes which the Laundry Fairy was nice enough to fold sometime recently. I love the Laundry Fairy.

Jacob is officially One Who Walks now, he's so proud of himself. We did experience the downside of that this afternoon, as he tumbled forehead-first into the corner of the coffee table. Luckily it's not sharp-edged, but still it raised an immediate, HUGE, bright purple goose egg. I strapped him into the carseat all ready to go to the ER, but he didn't get sick or fall asleep and he was his regular happy self, so we decided to stick around home. I'll still be checking him over the night just in case, but I think it's a case of looking WAY worse than it is. And Emily is so, so 5. Lots of fun and playing and artwork and giggling, plus whining and picky eating and drama.

Before I start my list of projects around the house, I first have a Very Important Thing to do, I must go collapse in a lumplike heap on my couch and eat chocolate PB ice cream while watching mind-numbing television. Anyone care to join me?