Tuesday, December 20, 2005
Ready or not, here it comes.
Christmas, that is.

I think we're mostly ready. I've bought all the gifts I'm going to buy - that just leaves Willem with his family (they hate me, I won't buy them gifts, so there, nyah nyah nyah) and whatever he has to do. We've done *very* little decorating yet, I'm hoping we can go tree-hunting tomorrow. Then wrapping over the weekend sometime, probably before Sunday... ;)

Emotionally, I am so not in the holiday mode. Between my internship nightmare and other stresses, I've been down for a few weeks anyway. Just found out tonight that my dad (a truck driver) bumped into a light pole in a parking lot today, so he's terrified that he's going to lose his job. I don't know the industry or this company well enough to know how accurate that fear is, but I hurt for him. Plus I don't *want* him here 24/7, you know? I love him but I also like having alone-time. PLUS he doesn't handle stress well, having had his first heart attack at 30 and two more since then, so I'm really worried now.

But I'll decorate and bake and smile till my face hurts, and will feel better when I hug my kids.