Thursday, December 15, 2005
Still blue... but more of an aqua, maybe turquoise...
I'm still miserable over the internship crap. I did get one interview - but it's a place that says right on its application, "We interview almost every applicant, so pick your interview date below and save that date." I did meet *one* guy last year who didn't get an interview there, but his degree was from an online "university" that doesn't actually have, you know, buildings, so he had a hard time getting any interviews. I think he had two, and the site I was at with him seemed sort of morbidly curious about his pretend school rather than actually interested in him.

But anyway, 11 rejections. Yippee. Tomorrow is *supposed* to be the final day of notification, so in theory I'll hear from the remaining 4 with interview offers. HAH.

At least I'll know something by then.

I also have found out that my sisters may not be coming here for Christmas, which bums me out no end. I know, I live 7 hours away so it's a hassle to travel, but I miss them. They may still change their minds - they're REALLY good at that... but I'm sort of mentally preparing for the worst just in case... otherwise it's just the four of us and my in-laws, WAAAAAAAAH.

On the up-side, between Willem taking the computer all day today and me having lots of pent-up anxiety, I made major inroads on reorganizing the kids' playroom. We now have an official craft-supplies closet, and clear paths from my dad's room and the office to the rest of the house. It won't take more than half an hour to finish, I just don't want to do it now because it involves moving toys and that's always noisier than I expect it to be.

And Jacob got a haircut yesterday, so he's got the sweetest fuzziest dandelion-down head now. Granted, it's leaking his own body weight of snot out the front every day, but it's still a cute little head.

On the bizarre front, my dad backed his truck up next to our house yesterday so that they could clear out an area in front of the house but off the street to park it - and now it is STUCK solidly. He and Willem have spent tons of time going outside and making Manly Noises and offering Manly Suggestions ("Maybe if ya rock it... do ya have a winch?") and not moving it at all. I see a tow truck visit to my house in the near future.

No other significant news... which is probably a good thing.