Thursday, March 02, 2006
Jacob has entered into the parrot stage of development. He still finds enunciation to be overrated, so it's not always a successful parrotting, but he does it every chance he gets. Tonight's fun game was for him to push in between Willem's knees while Willem was sitting on the couch, and Willem would press his knees together and announce, "Squish!" Which was apparently high humor in the under-2 and over-30 (ha ha) set. Jacob would gasp, turn red, then catch his breath and go, "Quish! Quish!"

I like him.

Emily, on the other hand, was not full of sweetness and light today. Tres moody and sensitive. Dunno what was up with her, but it's always a delight to get a trial run in the teenager era.

To offer some pseudo-closure, internship-wise, I did not get placed, at all, anywhere. Yeah, it sucks. No, I can't think of anything that anyone can do to help me feel better about it. But I honestly do appreciate the support and indignation I've been getting from friends and loved ones. If any one of you could arrange to be on the training committee at any decent, APA-accredited site by this time next year, that would probably be helpful...

And in wicked lovely news, I found out tonight that my mother-in-law is planning to visit in about 2 weeks. Oh, bliss and delight. Apparently she called and talked to Willem several days ago, and asked, "What days would be best for me to visit?" So he checked the calendar and told her around March 15-18, because he's got that whole week off from school and Emily has that Thursday and Friday off. So she called tonight to say, "Okay, I think I'll be coming out from March 12-14."

Wait, huh? Did you FORGET that you'd agreed on different days? "Oh, well, I didn't think a few days' difference would matter." Willem casually mentioned that we would not be willing to take Emily out of school for three days just because his mother didn't want to take our preferences into consideration when visiting our house, so she was going to "think about it some more." Hah. Sure you will. Like she ever gave it any thought in the first place.