Sunday, February 12, 2006
I did a stupid thing last night.
I did a stupid thing last night.

I took Emily fabric-shopping.

Let's back up, shall we? For Christmas, my mom bought me a brand-spankin'-new sewing machine. It's really pretty and nice, and I've already hemmed and mended everything that didn't move. I keep eyeing the cat, but I don't think she'll let me sew a cape on her.

So I've been casting around for project ideas, and I decided that the first "real" project I wanted to do is a beanbag chair or two for the kids, for the living room floor. We've got a big open space and Jacob likes to sit in this little booster seat which falls over at odd moments... it's fun to watch but I worry about his little noggin.

I found a pattern online, and once we had some money to spare and a good coupon, off we went to JoAnn Fabrics. Here's where I screwed up. I *should* have just gone by myself and picked something out, secure in the knowledge that the kids would be happy with anything. But nooooo, I had to go and make this a family event, which ended up in an hour of standing by the fabrics display and arguing over "How about this?" "No, thank you. How about this?" "No, that's hideous and I don't want it in my house. How about this?" "Nooo, I don't like red." And so on.

She ended up with a purple/blue/green leopard print, and the scary thing is that it's NOT the ugliest thing that she liked.

At least Jacob still let me choose. But trust me, there ain't NOTHING matches or corresponds or offsets purple/blue/green leopard print. Nothing. So he gets dark blue with polka dots, and I'll go blind whenever they sit next to each other.