Monday, January 30, 2006
I am befuddled.
Being irrepressibly compulsive, I check the hit counts on both my blogs daily. I have opposite desires for each: for my writings one, I think it's fun when I get a lot of hits (even though no one ever comments, which leads me to suspect I'm just being used as an example in Scared Straight classes), and for my photos one, I prefer to have a comparatively low number of hits, just friends and family.

For about six months, they were at a fairly consistent stream: about 10 hits a day for the writing, about 2 a day for the photos. The photos have remained the same, but just over the past week the writing one has suddenly exploded - 50-100 views a day, 314 yesterday alone. WHAT is going on???

Crazy mad wild wicked weird stuff, dude.

We all recognize, of course, that the more hits I get, the closer we inch to the inevitable discovery of the blog by my mother-in-law. Ah, well, a little reality never killed anyway... (this might be a first.)

...upon further pondering, I want to be clearer... I find this incredibly flattering, that people are spending five minutes a day with me. It's just mind-altering. I write selfishly - when I want, about what I want, online only because I can type faster than I can handwrite. So the idea of an audience is reality-altering to me, a little. But no fear - I'll slide back into the cabin-fevered selfishness of my own stay-home-mom self soon enough.