Tuesday, January 10, 2006
Beware the Library Bunny
The other day, we all escaped to the library for som free, out-of-the-house time. We were downstairs in the children's area, Jacob and I were playing with blocks and Emily was wandering between books and the finger puppets and the rocking dragons, everyone was happy. This little girl, 4ish, and her mother show up, both look like normal, happy people. The girl makes a beeline directly for me and tries to hand me this stuffed rabbit that she's holding. I just looked at her a little oddly, but smiled and said, "No, thank you!" It seemed weird to me because that's a very toddler thing to do, and she was definitely old enough not to be considered a toddler anymore.

So, she says, "I have two of these and I wanted to give one away." I said, "Well, I think that's sweet, but I don't need any stuffed animals. But thanks anyway!" She sort of ambled off, she didn't seem especially upset by it.

Then her mom comes over. Bear in mind that I am sitting on the floor with Jacob, so this woman is literally looming over me. She looks seriously angry, like she's going to burst into a 'roid rage at any moment. "She wanted to give away her bunny, because she got two that are exactly the same, and I told her she could. I thought it was a nice thing to do. She wanted to give it to anyone she wanted to, at the library." All very accusatory and upset, not in a smiley-explaining sort of way.

I basically mumbled something to the effect of, "It sounds like a nice plan," and turned away from her. She wandered off and sat on the other side of the room and alternately gushed over every little thing the little girl did ("YES, that's a BOOK, you OPENED it, nice JOB!") and glared at me.

Very weird. I mean, I'm all for encouraging generosity in my kids, but there are places designed for donations, you know? And if the kid insists on bringing it to the library, then at the very least, encourage her to bring it to another child AND teach her what to do if someone says no. And, even better - figure out how to cope with no yourself, first, lady! Geez.

I'll probably wake up to a headless stuffed rabbit on my doorstep soon.