Wednesday, December 21, 2005
Has anybody seen my crowbar?
Ah, bliss. There's just something delightful about a toddler who insists on being physically attached to your neck every waking moment, and several of the sleeping ones as well. Jacob has wandered his way into some sort of delightful new phase, whose primary hallmark is this weird screeching tantrum-like response if I don't hold him all the time. Sitting on my lap is not acceptable, nor is a hug while he's standing - it must involve a change in altitude and clinginess to the point where I could let go of him and he'd remain, burr-like, on my neck. I keep checking to see if I have a magnet embedded in me somewhere.

Still not in the yippee holiday spirit yet, but inching toward it. Most of our gift-shopping is done, and in theory we'll go *tomorrow* to get the tree. Hah. Nothing like a 3-day Christmas tree. Oh, well, if we procrastinate this much with getting it then I imagine we'll just be able to redecorate it for Valentine's Day...

The good news is, my dad did not lose his job, so he's home for his "weekend" now and back on Thursday night. Big relief, for everyone, there. Something about gainful employment really brings out that yuletide cheer.

So we went to get our annual family portrait taken today, at a one-hour chain place in the mall. The end result was fine, which really takes the wind out of my ranting-and-raving sails. We stopped in on Monday, having been suckered in by their "We heart Walk-Ins!" sign, only to discover that they apparently only heart walk-ins when there's not an imminent bunch of holidays piling up. So we made an appointment for 12:10 today, and then I got the blank and innocent stare from the clerk when I dared to be frustrated at not actually starting our appointment until 12:45. Jacob promptly melted down, but she was able to sneak in two decent shots first, one of the whole family and one of the kids, so, fine, I don't get to have a good tantrum at them. Maybe next time.

I also gave blood this afternoon, and am feeling all sorts of woozy and droopy now. Only five more dwarves to go and I'll be the complete set!

Off to inhabit some large, comfortable surface and act like gravity doesn't run my life...