Saturday, January 14, 2006
Random babbling
I made the mistake today of nursing Jacob immediately before his naptime. I slept in this morning, and then Willem took both kids to Emily's dance class and then fed them, so it was about 12:30 before it even occurred to me, "Hey, he should nurse." And since we're down to once a day, I need to make sure he doesn't skip a day or I suspect my milk will dry up fast. So, yeah, of course, when I offered, he hopped right up into my lap and latched on.

And promptly fell asleep.

Some of you might have babies who happily nurse to sleep, then unlatch and go to bed. Not me. Jacob wants to continue to nosh throughout his nap, which is not okay with me because I don't feel like hanging it all out there that long AND after a while, "nosh" becomes "gnash." Which I don't love. So four times, I gently poked a finger in his mouth to break the latch, and each time he made this weird, puppy-dog squeal and started rooting until he found me again. Which was cute but irritating. Finally, after half an hour of this, I decided, enough. I got him up and tried to lay him down, and he just screamed and screamed and screamed, interspersed with quiet times just long enough for me to relax. Brat.

So I finally went in, after 5 or 6 trips in to lay him back down, and said, "WHY are you not napping?" And he said, very clearly, "Poop!" And sure enough, he'd filled his diaper.

So we might be closer to potty-ready than I'd thought...

We had dinner at Willem's lesbian friends' house. They have no children, and just the coolest decorations and posters and vibes there. And lots of shoes.

Their staircase is currently bare wood, they've pulled up the carpet and not replaced or finished it yet. Jacob soooooooo wanted to go up and down and up and down and up and down, which we did a few times but I wasn't willing to do all night. So I finally said, "Jacob, no stairs." For the rest of the night, he would play for a while, and then toddle to the base of the stairs and look up all longingly, signing and saying, "Pweeeeeece? Pweeeeeeece?" It was almost cute enough for me to give in. But not quite.

Now, he sleeps. Hooray!