Saturday, February 04, 2006
I'm ready for my cape.
Ugh I am a tired mama. But no one ever said it would be easy to be Supermom, right?

Something like that.

First, I think I earn a gold star just for keeping everyone in my house alive last night. Jacob was awake and miserable - screaming, screeching, whining, moaning, angsting all over the crib - from roughly 2-4, and then up again at 6, and then for the day at 8. So he was miserable, Willem was unhappy, and I was harried. We didn't have enough Valium in the house to deal with it.

Willem and I switched sleep-in days, because he hates taking both kids to Emily's dance lessons, which means Saturdays I had to get up and either take them both or at least be awake to watch Jacob anyway - might as well just get up with them early and then have Sunday to "really" sleep in. Especially after nights like last night, I would have been cranky to get a half-assed lie-in this morning.

So, I took them both to Emily's dance class, and then to the Home Depot for the craft thing. Which, big enough challenge with both kids anyway, but today they decided to hand out TWO projects instead of one - a napkin holder and a crayon/craft caddy... phew. They look fine, and no one seems permanently traumatized from it, but there were moments, when I was hammering two projects at once while Emily stared at the ceiling and Jacob sat in the cart and cried, where I doubted my own intelligence.

But it's the end result that counts, right? I keep telling myself that. Mama Machiavelli.