Thursday, February 02, 2006
Aren't you EVER going to wean that baby?
Well, yeah. In fact, I just did.

Jacob's last breastfeeding session was on Saturday morning, so he officially made it 18 months. So now I'm having that ambivalent response where I'm happy that he went as long as he did, and I'm happy that he initiated the weaning and he seems fine with it now, and I'm happy not to have to whip out various body parts at unexpected moments at the whim of a short nonverbal critter. But I'm sad that it's over, too - after some early bumps and bruises and blisters, it was a very smooth, sweet bonding experience between us, and that was the last thing that *only* I could provide for him.

Besides, poor kid, now he won't see another nipple up close until he gets out of the monastery, in, what, 2034 or so?

Ah, well. So that's that.

Jacob has picked up some more new words lately. Many of the typical stand-bys, with my favorites being his versions of "fork" (R's are apparently overrated) and "clock" (who needs L's, anyway?).

In other news, being Groundhog Day, everyone seems to care about whether the rodent saw his shadow but no one seems to know what it means that he did see it. I probably could care less, but I can't figure out how.

I did have to laugh at myself just now, because I did some googling to figure out the deeper existential meaning of this whole groundhod-shadow thing. And I found a website that lists off all of the years it's been done, on an official basis, with the times of the Big Announcement. My mother is sort of a groundhog fiend, she has always gotten up early to hear the announcement and through college I can remember her caling my dorm room at the crack of dawn, literally minutes after I had crawled into a bed after a night of idiocy and debauchery, to tell me whether the rodent had farted this year, or some such trivia. Turns out, the Announcement always happens around 7:15-7:30 in the morning, and this year we were all awake and eating breakfast at the time.

Oh, what a difference 10 years makes in a life. I just can't figure out, was it just that a college version of early morning meant 10:00, or did I really stay out that late?? The world may never know.