Saturday, May 06, 2006
"He's picking at my llama."
We have a truly lovely day yesterday. Took a nap in the morning while Jacob sat on my belly and watched Sesame Street, then got Emily at school and we went to the beach. Which was quiet and clean and had perfect sand caste sand and a big jetty for Emily to scrape her knees on - everyone was happy. Got home, no one wanted to cook (well, except for Jacob - and he just uses too much salt) so we headed to Margarita's for dinner in honor of Cinco de Mayo. Along with everyone else on the planet - but we just put our names on the list and went to a playground for a while, it worked out just fine.

As part of the Cinco de Mayo celebration, Margarita's was handing out these tiny little (EMPTY, for the love of God, WHY does everyone assume they're full of candy, they're the size of my FIST, so please just stop looking at these llamas and reaching for a baseball bat!) pinatas, and somehow we ended up with three. So on the way home came Emily's one meltdown of the day: "Jacob's picking at my llama! It's going to be all naked! I don't want the naked llama!" But she was placated by a backup llama, and all is right with the world.

And, by this morning, Emily's-now-Jacob's llama's face was completely bald. So unless you want a naked llama, too, I suggest you keep yours away from my son.