Thursday, April 27, 2006
Woe is he.
Oh, the trials and tribulations of having 2 children.

My dad and Emily often sort of spark off each other - their personalities are really similar, each HAS to be right and they both contradict and bicker over the smallest things. I can co-exist fairly peacefully with each one individually, having had a lifetime of training, but the two of them drive each other insane. And my dad is enough of a grown-up to recognize and feel bad about it, and he does a good job of not favoring Jacob just because Jacob is easier to be around.

So. My dad's weekend ends today, he'll head back to work this afternoon. And to have some quiet time with just Emily, he offered to take her in the Big Truck while he goes shoe shopping. I'm not 100% comfortable with it because she's not in my car, but she has her booster in there and they're just driving around town, so I said sure. So she's all twittery and excited, and now I'm just hoping they don't kill each other and stuff the bodies into shoeboxes.

Which leaves me home with Jacob. Who has suddenly, overnight, developed enough of an awareness of things to get the concept of jealousy. He's way too small to go anywhere in the truck - so even though I timed a diaper change for their actual departure, he knows they're gone, he misses his Mimi, AND he knows the truck is gone... poor guy. Life is tough.

But I know that, being the second child, he'll be able to ice skate younger than she did. It all comes out in the wash.