Thursday, April 20, 2006
What a Difference a Day Makes
See, now, THIS morning, I not only feel the obligatory love for my family, but I even like them. And, therefore, I even like myself a little more. Cue the acoustic guitar music and dreamy visual scene.

First, I was smart enough to go to bed at 11:00 last night instead of 1:00, and let me tell you, that extra 1 in the time makes all the difference. Then, I was smart enough to be hard of hearing, so I didn't hear Jacob wake up at midnightish. Willem woke me afterwards to let me know which drugs he had administered by which routes, but I barely had to grunt into consciousness for that part.

So when everything occurred simultaneously at 7:00 this morning, I was sleepy but not Satanic. How's that for an improvement over yesterday?? All at once, Jacob woke up, Emily needed to be awakened (break out the jackhammers and miniature goats, the girl is not good at waking up when WE want her to. Though magically, at 6:45 on any given weekend morning, she's up and chattering away to herself... grounds for smothering, I say), Willem was on his way into the shower, and my alarm was going off. Exciting stuff. But everyone managed to exist in peace and harmony, sweetness and light, all that stuff.

I have to wake to the radio, rather than a beeping, because my hearing loss is such that I am completely deaf to certain tones. I may or may not be able to hear my alarm beep, but I don't want to risk not on a morning when I need to be up by a certain time, and I am neither smart nor motivated enough to try a practice run on a morning when the time don't matter. I do know that I am deaf to the pitch of Willem's alarm clock, which just seems like a lovely little piece of karma in the world. So, this morning, I had on some classic rock station and was able to start my day with Major Tom in a tin can. There are worse things.

And we discovered, as I laid there and badgered myself to get up and Willem returned from the shower, that the radio is very sensitive to other people in the room. Him walking around made the signal come in strongly or fade out at different points. Which led to inevitable antenna/body part suppositions, so I got my RDA of frat boy out of the way before I even sat up. Though we also covered tomorrow's RDA, because somehow our conversation later centered around the likelihood of me spending my day sleeping with everyone in the neighborhood, including the obsessive neighbor WITH leaf-blower, and this was apparently funny. Somehow.


Anyway, I also landed upon a fantastic Mommy game. Emily hates to get motivated, but she is also a compulsively competitive kid... so calling her in to snuggle with me for a few minutes, then telling her that I would race to see who got dressed first, then remaining prone while she rushes off to throw clothes on. Fun stuff. "I won, Mom!" You sure did, Speedy.

And now I'm off to prepare for the various household chores I've been neglecting for several days. Not necessarily to DO them, mind you. Just to prepare. I'm such a Boy Scout.