Wednesday, April 19, 2006
Talking his way out of trouble
It's a good thing Jacob is cute. It's saving him a sore bottom, from sitting on the curb holding a big "FREE" sign. And people in New Hampshire will take ANYTHING from a curb with that magic word on it.

My current favorite toddler mispronunciations: "hay-pee" and "shad" as Jacob goes through his repertoire of faces. He also does "piiiiize!" for surprised and "skeppal" for skeptical, but somehow it's his versions of happy and sad that make me smile.

I also, in a twist of mommy-masochism, think it is hilarious when his diaper is full and he tells me "stinky -- poop." All very enunciated but with a big break between words. This stringing two words together is still pretty new for him.

Maybe I'll wait till tomorrow to plunk him on the curb.