Thursday, April 20, 2006
Intellectually Virtuous
I watched the History Channel's 3-hour (but really only 2 hours and 30-odd minutes, I *love* DVR) biography thing on Abraham Lincoln tonight. Instead of home remodeling shows or true crime. So I'm feeling all intellectually virtuous... like the mental version of going to church, just because it's the Right Thing To Do.

But in the process, I re-proved that I'm a horrible person. Because a good bit of the show was devoted to the fact that Abe had severe depression, really severe, just awful, bad bad bad. And my primary response? I am uplifted. Simply delighted. Not that I'd wish that upon anyone, exactly... though I can think of one or two people somewhere out there who could use a good dose of self-doubt and silent sulking... but it's just so nice to know that someone can go through all that misery and still be, like, the Greatest Human Ever. Gives me hope that I can slog through my own crap and maybe possibly accomplish something, someday. Because my depression isn't on par with Abe's, but then my ambitions aren't so big, either.