Saturday, February 24, 2007
Overheard, Hospital Version
Irate wife of an irate man who was earlier complaining of imminent plans for suicide and/or homicide but now is bored and wants his nightly three tokes, and who says marijuana is harmful anyway: If you don't get my husband out of here right now, you're going to have a psycho on your hands.
Nurse, who has been dealing with the same family for 12 hours and is No Longer Amused: Apparently I already do.

Oh, I was tired last night. Four hours of sitting in the same chair, with a headache too intense to allow me to play online or even have the overhead lights on, waiting on a single phone call signifying Marijuana Man's admission into the state hospital, was not my ideal way of spending a Friday night. I was so glad to watch the nurse snap a little and lose a bit of her public service persona; I really needed the reminder that I was not the only human in the place.