Monday, March 26, 2007
I Beg to Differ
You know how some people sign off their emails with catchy little phrases, "siggies" in the world of message boards and the like? Usually they're cute and pithy and instantly forgettable. But this one just astounds me in its sheer inaccuracy:
"If a person does enough thinking, a certain amount of knowledge is sure to follow."

That's just wronger than Dr. Laura at a Gay Pride Parade. People with severe schizophrenia do lots of thinking, and I suppose one could consider the results to be knowledge, but... no, we really can't, actually.

And in the disclaimer department, if I wasn't supposed to receive a copy of that email, well, then, you shouldn't send childish and dramatic emails to my husband. He knows that I am a connoisseur of personal instability, and he would never be so cruel as to withhold such a lovely example of proof that temper tantrums don't stop just because someone is so unfortunate as to be older than 5.