Sunday, April 01, 2007
When the Daddy's Away...
Willem was away for the weekend, and I learned, or was reminded of, several important things:
  • My kids are incredible and I am so lucky. Everyone else's children whined or tantrummed all weekend long, from what I saw. Mine, not once.

  • Kids Playground remains one of my favorite indoor child-specific places. It's bigger than Chuck E Cheese, with far fewer electronic noises and NO large plushies (PLEASE don't click on that link at work!) walking around. And Jacob has gotten big enough that he can go off and do his own thing in the mazes, and half-hour stretches at a time would pass without my laying eyes on either child. Another victory for dilatory parenting.

  • Crawling around on your hands and knees through the habitrail at the above place actually is kinda fun, and allows for a certain amount of assurance that Jacob was not likely to get stuck in some bizarre unreachable angle. But it hurts to crawl on hard plastic. Leaves dark bruises on the knees. Apparently (and this one's a freebie for the peanut gallery) I don't spend enough time on my knees anymore, they're out of shape.

  • My husband's crotch pillow has the ability to scare the bejeezus out of me. He sleeps with a pillow between his legs, which he stole from me during my first pregnancy and which seems to help with what had been chronic back pain. We have white sheets and a white duvet on our white down comforter (I know, decorators everywhere are wincing, but we have dark red bedroom walls, so the bed needs to be a little less intense.) - but his crotch pillow is in a dark blue pillowcase. And was at the perfectly wrong angle and size the other night for me to, briefly but intensely, believe that there was a murder victim in my bed.

  • I need to not watch quite so many crime documentaries when home alone.

  • I'm just paranoid enough about Internet stalkers, having dated one or two myself, that I wouldn't post about Willem's absence until he was on his way home.

  • He should go away on these little Testosterone Extravaganzas more often. He had a good time exercising parts of his brain that he's not encouraged to flex at home with the wife and kids, and the kids and I were fine with each other. Doesn't make me want to try the single-parent thing, because this was only easy with the knowledge that it was finite, but still.

So, a good weekend, if a bit random and Go Diego Go intensive.

And you all, you regular readers and commenters, thank you. You're just sweet, and, it goes without saying, beautiful yourselves.