Tuesday, April 03, 2007
Willem watched The Bachelor with me last night. He has decided that if I had told the muffins joke ("Two muffins are cooking in the oven. One says to the other, 'Gee, it's hot in here.' The other muffin replies, 'Holy cow, a talking muffin!') on our first date, I would still be living alone with 14 cats and eating pork and beans directly out of the can.

There is a certain irony to starting off the day with a new neurologist - one who does not take personal offense at the concept of me doing my own research about my own crushing headache pain and therefore is my favorite, not to mention he uses color-coded highlighting to keep track of things on my medical record - and telling him that my headaches had actually been better lately, and ending the day with a horrible nauseating check-the-shoulders-for-bleeding-from-the-ears migraine.

Willem, as previously mentioned, spent the weekend with buddies. One of whom blogs on a regular basis, and hasn't been heard from since Friday. Makes you wonder just how much Goldschlager they consumed.

Did you remember to vote for Melanie today? She's in third place at the moment, but if a few of you take a few seconds she'll bounce up to second place and then YOU can take personal credit for it. Thereby making you super-cool.