Sunday, July 01, 2007
Enter at Own Risk
I've been in a foul mood since I woke up this morning. My children have suddenly been stricken both deaf and uncaring, my husband is perfectly attuned to irritate me in small insidious ways that won't allow me to plead justifiable homicide after I snap (there are THREE opened jars of strawberry jelly, two opened gallons of 1% milk and two opened packages of Parmesan cheese in my refrigerator right now), and have an endless supply of DVR'ed shows but none of them are appropriate for the inevitable audience which completely ignores the television when Willem watches things but flocks from far and wide when I try. I have a low-grade headache, low-grade menstrual cramps, and low-grade nausea.

Much of it is this thrice-bedamned fatigue. I just can't shake it. I'm so incredibly tired of being so incredibly tired - I keep nodding off, it's frankly embarrassing - and I'm even more tired of whining about being tired. I've taken to drinking coffee recently, which is really more a punishment than a cure, and even that doesn't keep me awake. My shins still hurt, too.

I must be a treat right now. I imagine that's why my family has been avoiding eye contact and leaving a six-foot radius when navigating around me.

I think this calls for ice cream.