Wednesday, July 11, 2007
How Big is your Fork?
Because I'm really, really done.

I reorganized and sorted the office over the past few days. The before-and-after pictures are far less dramatic, mostly because I didn't take pictures of the inside of the file cabinet and such, but I can see a difference. At the very least, I won't have to worry about Mary tripping and falling into a box of random papers on her way to the bathroom.

So, the photos:




See? Less intense. (And did you notice, I'm so underwhelmed by the transformation that I felt the need to label the befores and the afters this time?) But my sister once dislocated her elbow by tripping over a pillow and falling on a carpeted floor. My children have been taught a mantra: We have to be gentle with Mary. She's delicate.

We apply the same mantra to Mama, the cat, and most things in other people's houses.

The only other change I made, I forgot to take a before picture of... which is really too bad, because it was hilarious. The backstory is, I cannot keep a plant alive inside my house. It's really bad. People say this about themselves when they mean, can't keep a plant alive for more than a year, or can't keep a fancy high-maintenance orchid alive. No, no. I kill spider plants and aloe. Really.

So I had a dead spider plant in the corder of my living room, and it was just depressing. Not as creepy as a dead stuffed animal head, but bad enough that other spider plants are sitting around campfires telling stories about me right now.

I finally took mercy upon it, and dumped it into Emily's garden, where it might actually live for a while. And replaced it with this:

And now we wait for my family to return. Less than 18 hours until they are all back in their rightful place... and less than 24 before I start to wonder why it was I wanted all of these short, noisy people in my nice, clean house.