Thursday, July 05, 2007
I've been mememememed. By another Kate, this time, who thinks we have lots in common although she's far more lyrical and together than I am. Maybe when I grow up.

Anyway, eight random things about me. Presumably, things which you wouldn't be able to pick up easily from just reading, because I toss about p-l-e-n-t-y of randomness here on a daily basis. I can do that.

1. I'm hard of hearing. I rely almost entirely on lipreading and, on TV, closed captioning. I can, and do, use the phone, but beware to the poor soul who tries to use my phone after me - they'll be knocked backward several feet because I need to use it at maximum volume.

2. I cannot stand the sound of water pouring if I can't see the source. Makes me physically nauseous. Once upon a time, I used to transcribe interviews and meetings for a living (again, always at top volume), and quite often, the tape recorder is planted quite near the pitcher of water. I would shout, out loud, at the offender - who poured the water months ago and many states away - to Stop that, for the love of God, it's a horrible noise!

3. I would sooner parch than drink beer.

4. While in college, I lived in a fraternity house for a few months, during which time I crawled on my hands and knees down the length of the hallway, into the bathroom, and lay on the bathroom floor while very ill with what ended up being a week-in-the-hospital kidney infection, using a stack of Playboys as a pillow. I will never quite feel clean again.

5. I have Reynaud's disorder, a pretty mild case, which means that my fingers and toes are almost always cold, and my legs flush bright pink after a shower.

6. I used to hang out with the guys from Godsmack, before they were big. I've never lifted my shirt at one of their concerts, but I have indulged in questionable behavior at parties afterward.

7. I have never smoked a single thing in my entire life. The closest I've come is a contact high at my first-ever concert, Phish.

8. I watch crime documentaries. A lot. I read about crime, especially murder and serial killing. I know far, far more about serial killers - names, dates, places, details, crime scene photographs, histories - than a nice, suburban soccer mom probably ought to.

How's that for random?

Let's see... I don't know eight random things about... Jack's Raging Mommy, stephaneener or Jason. Or, really, most of the rest of you who comment - Janice, where is your blog address when I need it? (Edited: See? The ninth thing - I'm obsessive in small and harmless ways, and am very comfortable postponing my own bedtime) - but it's after midnight and a girl's gotta sleep. Bonus points to you if you respond to the meme without an individual tag.