Wednesday, July 11, 2007
A Thing of Refrigeration is a Joy Forever
I have a brand-spankin' new refrigerator. Isn't it amazing how things change? Ten years ago, I couldn't have cared less what the appliance looked (or even smelled) like, as long as it kept things cold and held food.

But today, I got to pull all the weird blue tape off myself, and set the shelves at the height I wanted (carefully calibrated to accept a margarita mix in each the fridge and freezer, just in case such a need should ever arise). Then I went right ahead and cluttered it with our calendar and some magnets, because while I was basking in the unbroken white expanse of a new fridge door, I also knew that, in my house, an uncluttered refrigerator is not a viable possibility. Might as well leap off that cliff right away... a bit like being the first person to spill something in a new car. It's a disappointment, but also a relief.

So I just have to clean the floor, clean the bathroom, and let the plumber come in and do his magic tomorrow to make my ice-maker make ice, and I will be done.

And then my family will come home. And there will be much rejoicing.