Thursday, March 23, 2006
mermaid mermaid mermaid
Ohhhhhhhh I am so full. So full that I'm wishing I had been smart enough not to eat dessert, even though it was soooooo good. But five miles from home, I could lean my head against the window and HEAR my sweatpants calling me... "Kate... come home... wear me... I love you... I have no buttons or tight waistbands... I will snuggle you and protect you... come to me........."

But it was dinner at Outback, paid for by my dad, so what better excuse to shamefully overeat?

While we were at the restaurant, Willem took Jacob on an obligatory stop-throwing-silverware-on-the-floor walk around. At one point, they came upon a Jacob-height piece of artwork, like a painting but carved out of wood so it's got some dimensionality. Raised up waves on the ocean, fish, clouds, trees.... and a topless mermaid. Willem said Jacob was apparently struck blind as he faced this artwork, because he was doing his darnedest to read Braille on the mermaid. Willem kept pointing out, "See the fishies? See the clouds?" But Jacob was intent on "mermaid mermaid mermaid." That's my boy, a little lech-in-training.