Thursday, March 16, 2006
That rhinoceros can bite me.
So, yeah, just in case there was any other possibility in the universe, I'm still sick. About to start my second round of antibiotics. Apparently the third round involves big meds named Vinnie who go after the bacteria's kneecaps.

Among the other delightful procedures I've been advised to inflict upon myself is something that the doctor poetically referred to as "nasal lavage." Because calling it "snorting salt water with baking soda until you nearly drown and generally having among the grossest experiences you can have alone in the bathroom" wouldn't be as soothing, though that would go farther toward the concept of truth in advertising.

After I do this to myself, and then gasp and pant and whimper and cling for dear life to the tissue box, I'm supposed to apply Rhinocort, a nasal spray with a big scary rhinoceros on the box. The instructions are pretty clear, but they neglect to include the warning that, after all of these nasal reindeer games, I should sleep on a towel because... well. Just, because.

So, I suppose in the nature of improvement, I can now breathe through my nose again - that particular set of sinuses is clean as a whistle, let me tell you. Cleaner, in fact. But all of the bacteria have migrated northward, up into the secondary, non-rhinoceros-reachable set of sinuses which controls my balance and, apparently, my moods. GRRRRRRRRR.

So I'm staggering around the house all light-headed and goofy, without the benefit of alcoholic enhancement. Bliss, I tell you. Sheer bliss.

And to top it off, yes, indeed, my mother-in-law is in residence. But the up-side is, between the various activities we've had planned, I've only been in her presence for about 15 minutes so far. That will change tomorrow, we're planning to go to a children's museum and then a hockey game. The anticipation is killing me.

But, to be fair, so far it has been a very pleasant visit. In the sense that, I have no good stories yet. Patience, grasshopper. I have faith that the stories will come.

(On a side note - scroll down a bit, I've uploaded a few pictures to go with some recent babble...)