Sunday, March 05, 2006
Benedryl & Jerry's
Jacob, sweet and precious little sharer that he is, has decided that he doesn't want to go through this particular head cold alone, so he passed a little on to me. Awww. So, while I can still type as usual, if I were to try and say my family's names out loud, it would be "Ebily, Jacuuhb ahd Willub."


But the up-side is, when both Jacob and I are feeling yucky, I can unabashedly dose us both up with meds and ice cream for the night... Willem can claim creative rights for the catchy little title, but until he starts his own blog most of his wittiness will continue to be blatantly stolen and posted by me.

So, while Jacob got Benedryl and some half-gallon variety, his mom is about to get Nyquil and Ben & Jerry's. It's tough when age and life experience causes us to raise our standards...