Friday, March 03, 2006
Who are these children and why are they calling me Mom?
I'm having one of those days where just going through the motions is a challenge - making peanut butter and Fluff for lunch was a major culinary endeavor and I couldn't even dredge up the energy to take a nap while the kids slept.

But I was able to find the energy to nigh-on panic this morning, and to laugh at myself for it, this morning.

Having weaned just about a month ago, and switched from the minipill to the birth control patch, my cycles are all over the place. Add to that some major stress lately, between my health and the internship snafu, and I'm left with symptoms like nausea, heartburn, fatigue, and so on. In other words, early-pregnancy symptoms, even though I KNOW I'm not pregnant.

But since when has anything remotely related to hormones ever been logical?

Besides, the meds I'm on for the migraines are not fetus-friendly, so if I was pregnant I would want to know as early as possible.

So, I took a home pregnancy test this morning. One of those where there are two windows, one which always gets a line and one which only gets a line if you're pregnant. So I peed on it (What a weird way to take a test. Can you imagine if the SATs had a urination section along with the analogies and essays??), and left it on the sink, such that - *I thought* - the control window was on the left and the only-if-pregnant window was on the right. And then I left to get dressed.

Came back in the bathroom 3 minutes later and nearly died on the spot, seeing that very dark red line, we're talking blood-red, menacing, scary red line, on the right. My mind quite literally went blank. Then I realized, no, it was spun around - the line was in the control window, which was on the right, and the only-if-pregnant window was blessedly, virginally white.

Nothing like a negative pregnancy test to reinforce that I'm definitely not quite ready to have a third, just yet...