Tuesday, March 21, 2006
My Favorite 10 Minutes of the Day
I woke up this morning with 45 minutes worth of work due by 9:00 which I should have finished last night but when I start to head-bob at the computer, weird and wild things come out of my hands into the documents. We don't need my stream of consciousness blather mixed in with a conference of lawyers. So, I woke up and finished, frantically to beat both the 9:00 deadline and the oncoming migraine that I could feel creeping up. I got Emily on the bus and fed Jacob breakfast, but somehow neglected to feed myself.

So, 9:00 rolls around, and I send off the file, breathe a sigh of relief, thank Jacob for playing quietly (aren't light sockets neat?!?) and quick pop my antibiotic (I am, by the way, dare I say, almost better from the sinus/lung revolt I experienced) and a migraine pill. I can't take more than one and drive.

BUT, it turns out, on an empty stomach, I can't function too well on just one, either. I remembered, belatedly, to shovel some oatmeal into myself, but the drool-on-the-couch damage had been done. So, I did just that. I was awake, just dizzy and loopy. Jacob played and watched Elmo ("Hi, Momo! Momo eats!") and then around 10:50 he came over and climbed up to lay down on top of me. And promptly fell asleep.

Now, *you* take migraine meds and then have a sleeping baby on you, and see how you respond. I did the only right and proper thing - I fell asleep, too. Just for a few minutes, and then I woke up and panicked and had to rush us out the door to go pick up Emily - she was waiting patiently at school with the teacher, talking someone else's ears off for a change - and we all made it home safely and only 5 minutes later than usual.

But that little baby-enforced nap, with Jacob all warm and snoring on my belly, that was the highlight of my day.