Thursday, May 11, 2006
Eeee-EEE-vil Woman
On a lighter note, I did in fact survive through my second exercise class today, and in this one I wasn't the biggest person in the room. Well, I might have been, pounds-wise, but there was one other woman, bless her heart, who was quite a bit shorter but still proportionately bigger.

When I'm on a dance floor - NOT a common occurrence anymore, mind you - I like to be mediocre. Not the best dancer in the room, and not the worst. Likewise with exercising, I like to be somewhere in the middle, size-wise. I did not get my wish on Monday, being an even multiple bigger than each other victim of CHRISTINE's Regime. But today, we had Jill's Regime, which is slightly kinder and gentler than CHRISTINE's, though if she said "Push-and-pull" one more time to describe a certain arm motion I was considering tying her up with the exercise band and beating her with a Medicine Ball. Anyway, I was still the second-biggest person in the room, but it was better. I was pretty sure that the other panting and sweating women in the room have also had acquaintance with a chocolate bar or three, unlike the nutrionally and aerobically well-behaved specimens of Monday's class.

Jill also was an improvement over CHRISTINE as far as the musical selection was concerned. Not a Cher in sight. Still odd stuff, mind you - this was '70s rock songs set to a techno beat - but nothing I expect to hear in a gay bar.

And there was just something so right about doing aerobics and glaring at the cute, thin, perky instructor to "Evil Woman."