Sunday, May 28, 2006
Insulting injury
I'm okay with being somewhat accident-prone, and I'm okay with being low-grade achy while I'm still in the early stages of getting in better shape and attending workouts with CHRISTINE and Whatshername, that's all fair to me. But having a series of stupid, embarrassing injuries, not so much.

Last night, we were playing mini-golf with the kids, and on Hole 3 I leaned forward to pick Jacob up - something I've only done, what, six million times in the past year and change. And this time there was an audible "pop" in my lower back, accompanied with a ridiculous amount of pain and discomfort and hurt and aches and soreness and whatever else. That initial ridiculousness faded pretty quickly, but I'm still hobbling around and realizing that my feet are a lot farther away than I'd thought and finding it difficult to sit down. It's not a problem to stay sitting once I'm there, but to get from standing to sitting means going through about three inches of eye-crossing twinge. Not a huge big deal in the living room, I can sort of flop toward the couch and be confident of a soft landing. But in the bathroom... let's just say I can't flop with abandon there, lest we end up with another bath toys incident.

Big sigh. Where is the ibuprofen?