Wednesday, May 17, 2006
"What's sex?"
Willem just got back from lunch out with Emily, after taking her to school with him. He's still hyperventilating.

Part of their lunchtime conversation went as follows:
EMILY: Dad, what does that sign say?
WILLEM: Durham.
EMILY: Oh. What does that mean?
WILLEM: It's the town we're in right now.
EMILY: Oh. What's sex?
WILLEM: [All blood draining out of his head and gasping for air] Um. It's how mommies and daddies make babies.

After further investigation, it turns out that one of Emily's school friends was telling her about how her dolls were going to have sex. I'm the wee-est, tiniest bit alarmed by that, but I'm thrilled to pieces that she came right to her dad and asked him. Thrilled enough that I won't simply die if I think about this all too much.

As Willem said, this whole topic was supposed to start with, "Where do babies come from?" NOT "What's sex?" I think I've studied wrong for this whole parenting test.