Friday, May 12, 2006
Now I can't get him to take it off.
Look at me, all crafty and having at least something besides crushing depression and an empty bank account and an unreasonably large derriere to show for having spent a year home...

Jacob has a fat head, so I had to fix the collar or remove his head to get the sweater on. I opted for Choice A. Less clean-up. It was a mighty struggle to get it on him in the first place, because of course I had to try more than once to tug the unfixed neckhole over his round Charlie Brown head, so after I widened the collar he had already been conditioned to see Sweater=Bad. But once I wrestled it on him - with the help of Mr. Rogers, who was coincidentally arriving for his daily on-camera wardrobe change at the same time - he has decided it's "nuggly" (that's snuggly, to those of you who bother to use S's) and won't take it off. At least it's cold and rainy today. Yippee.

Now it's onto Emily's sweater, and to avoid the dozens of mistakes I made with Jacob's and, I'm sure, find new ones to make. I'm tricky that way.

Beaucoup de apologies for the dark and grainy pictures. I got a new camera the other day, and it's a neat little toy - and better than the big black paperweight which was a lovely camera until last Saturday, at which time it committed cameracide at the idea of an overpriced carnival. It's not a great camera for photography - at least, I can't make it be - but it's a camcorder and once I get the right cable for it then we can decide whether it's a decent camera for video. It better be.