Saturday, May 13, 2006
Not everyone should be allowed to have a camera.
That includes me.

My old faithful Canon EOS Rebel 35mm, well, bit the dust the other week. It fell off our car during the epic camping trip to Canada back in 2003, and the battery compartment shattered. Since then it had been held together with scotch tape and my heartfelt appreciation. But last weekend, it had had enough.

So I got a camcorder, which I'd requested for my birthday anyway. Another Canon... um... ELURA 100 with 20x optical zoom. That probably means something important. I dunno. Anyway, so far I can make it take dark grainy photos and slightly less dark and grainy videos, and I can even get them onto the computer and inflict this media upon the world. BWAAA-haaa-haa.

Like here: Jacob and Emily Biting the Dust. I recognize that it is neither as cool nor as cute to anyone else on the planet except maybe their close relatives - but I promise, this is a short-lived indulgence while my toy is still new, and I will not start posting endless shots of the kids eating breakfast and the cat watching birds outside.