Wednesday, June 28, 2006
Do hip-waders go with a brown crepe dress?
I'll be gone for the next bunch of days, and I have nooooo promises that I'll bring back any sanity or patience when I return. We're headed to NY for the weekend for Mike and Jen's wedding... just for giggles and other bodily functions, check out some websites having to do with the New York State Thruway system, flooding, and travel advisories... boy oh boy am I ever excited about THIS trip. We're leaving Thursday night, and I really really hope we get there by Sunday afternoon.

We're staying with my mother-in-law... but my sister will be there, which means mother-in-law will be on company manners. So there is hope that I won't go totally screamingly insane. A little hope, anyway. She's made an appointment on Saturday morning for "all of us" (which apparently does not include Willem but does include Jacob) to get pedicures, so my estrogen level might just spike to the point of developing a fashion sense. One can only hope.

I'll be home Monday afternoon. I bet I'll have a story or two by then.