Friday, March 02, 2007
Pink Sucks
I know, I'm offending untold numbers of breast cancer survivors, 8-year-old girls and gay triangles, and truth be told, I don't always hate pink. But when it's the pink of a weather map, then that is not a good pink. Observe:

We're in the pink right now, have been for a few hours, will likely remain here for a bit more. It doesn't even look pretty from inside my nice warm house, because it's all white from the snow earlier but now it's warm and raining hard and a bit foggy and just blech.

My poor obsessive-compulsive neighbor, the one who snowblows his driveway hourly and then goes on to snowblow his yard, can't even keep up with this meteorological vomit. He was out earlier, flinging aside any snowflake that dared desecrate his property, and I could watch the arc from his big bad snow removal machine get heavy and sad and limp and unmanly, until finally he had to admit defeat. If the cord was long enough, you know he'd be out there with his Shopvac right now.

So I'm on-call from home, hoping very much that everyone decides to keep it together for a few more hours because I just don't wanna. Plus last night I was too sleepy to work on the sweater or scarf I have in progress, so I started a hat/scarf set for Willem... a plain old watch cap, ribbed for his pleasure, and a scarf. But not just any scarf, not for my math-geek beloved. No, he's getting a scarf with alternating stripes... in the Fibonacci sequence. I have plenty, then, to keep me occupied right here.