Thursday, July 12, 2007
A Mysterious Thump
My cat was just sitting in the living room, staring intently at the individual air molecules, in the incisive and pensive way of a nuclear scientist, only with 150 fewer IQ points.

Suddenly, from the kitchen, there was a thump. The cat leaped directly into the air, made a murph sound, and ran down the hallway.

Get used to it, my feline friend. That sound is the melodious thump of ice cubes being deposited into the reservoir of my brand-new, now all-hooked-up ice maker.

And now my family is about four hours away, returning home to bask in the beauty of a new kitchen and organized office. I'm all jittery and bouncy, and oddly deflated because I can't think of any other quick little projects to throw together quickly before they get home. So I'll just sit here and knit, and vibrate a little inside.