Friday, July 13, 2007
Sanity Abounds
Has anyone else noticed that it's Friday the 13th? Anyone?

Because I really expected today to be, literally, crazy-busy at work. Dates are significant to people. I don't believe that there is a phase-of-the-moon thing, at least as far as my mental health crisis assessments are concerned - but Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve, the first gorgeous day in early spring (when the weather is finally better and everyone else seems happy but this person just can't shake the depression and now that they're finally accepting that maybe they weren't just miserable because of the New England winter they start to sneak toward a very dark and dangerous edge), anniversaries of prior losses... those are busy days for us.

But today... nothing. Not a single work-related phone call since 6:30 last night.

It's really creeping me out, man.