Wednesday, July 18, 2007
Twelve Miles Per Hour
This article was in the Cincinnati newspaper a few weeks ago. It's about a dance troupe featuring kids in wheelchairs as well as independently mobile kids, and tugs at the appropriate heartstrings. Oh, what a good man, running this group for those poor little souls, and at no charge, too...

And I agree. Good for him. Many kudos. That's good karma he's developing.

But the bit that stays with me is from the video - go ahead and click on the video part, it's short - is the little girl who talks about how fast they're going. "Like twelve miles an hour."

Think, for a second, about living in a body that can't let you run full-out toward a lake in high summer. That won't tolerate riding on the swings so high and so hard that the chains buckle a little at the top. That can't be maneuvered into the front seat of a roller-coaster.

I hope she continues to get her twelve miles an hour, and maybe even more, when she dances. We all need to be fast and beautiful once in a while.