Tuesday, November 23, 2004
Yay, Guilt!
So after a very Eeyore-like weekend, my husband sort of shook off some of his mood for a while on Sunday... enough to suddenly notice that yes, I have been spending a TON of time on the computer lately, but I haven't been posting my brains out or surfing porn over here, I've been frantically trying to pull together enough words to make a reasonable first draft of my dissertation proposal. (WHICH, by the way, I turned in yesterday - yay! I'm nowhere NEAR done, but now I at least have something to work with and refine rather than still needing to create from scratch.)

So yesterday I accepted mediocrity in my parenting and spent every available second typing, and when he got home I was able to give him a quick review of the State of the Children (both of whom, I might add, were sleeping - such a fantastic feeling) and then rush out the door to hand it in to my advisor. I don't meet with my advisor for another 2 weeks, so this way I can completely leave the dissertation out of my head while we travel but yet something will be happening with it.

I had class yesterday evening, and I came home tired and eye-strained but feeling pretty good about myself - especially for a Monday, which are usually the days in which I swing deepest into PPD. And it turns out that while I was gone, my husband decided that we had had enough crankiness around here for the weekend. So to make up for it, he made dinner... and not just spaghetti and sauce, but chicken with crabmeat stuffing and rice pilaf. He baked banana bread with chocolate chips in it (he prefers raisins). He got both kids ready for bed. He even threatened a backrub, though let's not get ridiculous here, that didn't happen. And I went to bed at 11 and he stayed up till midnight with Jacob.

So, yes, he was fantastic last night, and I didn't even have to apply a guilt trip, he did it all by himself!

Okay. Must begin the frantic chicken-with-head-cut-off style running around that precedes any family travel... we're heading for New Jersey tomorrow morning, then to upstate NY for Jacob's baptism on Sunday. I'll be out of commission, internet-wise, until Monday.

So, have a delightful holiday, one and all! May your meals be delicious and low-drama!